worship projection software

Use WordsLive to present …

… lyrics, videos, powerpoints and much more. The perfect solution for worship services and similar events. Easy to use and completely free. Download now.

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Easy to use

Before the service, put together the planned songs and other media and save that order. All songs are managed in a central repository by WordsLive and can thus be easily found using a full-text search. During the service, just access them one after the other. And if you need to change something spontaneously? Don’t worry: Just move elements around using drag & drop or edit a song on-the-fly, even while it is presented.

Free and Open Source

WordsLive is developed as open-source-software under the GPL (General Public License). Therefore anyone can access the source code of the application freely and improve it. The downloadable package is also completely free. So why don't you just try it right now?