worship projection software


Supported files

The following file types are supported by WordsLive:

  • Songs in Powerpraise song format (ppl). More song formats can be imported (SongSelect, SongBeamer, OpenSong, OpenLyrics, ChordPro) [*]
  • Video and music files in various formats (mp4, wmv, mp3, etc.). If VLC is installed, all formats supported by VLC can be used in WordsLive [**]
  • PowerPoint presentations (ppt, pptx) [***]
  • OpenDocument presentations (odp), e.g. created using LibreOffice Impress [***]
  • PDF and XPS documents [*]
  • Images/photos in various formats (jpg, png, etc.). Multiple photos can be compiled and presented as a slide show (optionally timer-controlled).

More …

WordsLive supports background images for single slides, whole songs or even all songs in the service. Background videos are also possible [*].

During a presentation, an additional notification for the audience can be shown [*]. Chord symbols can be addod to songs, viewed together with the lyrics in the presentation, and automatically transposed into different keys as needed.

Because WordsLive has been created because the formerly used Powerpraise was discontinued, WordsLive natively supports both ‘Portfolios’ and songs created by Powerpraise.

Not quite satisfied?

If WordsLive doesn’t suit your needs, or you’re looking for an application that supports other operating systems, here is a list of some alternatives:

[*] experimental
[**] has to be enabled in application settings
[***] requires OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress, Microsoft Office PowerPoint or (for Powerpoint files) the free PowerPoint-Viewer 2007